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Is a HYPER-DeflationaryCommunity DeFi Coin focused on creating opportunities through innovative Decentralized financial tools.


It is extremely important to have ideas that you can put forward,
that can work and can carry you to the future,
in order to be successful in a businnes.
At $LPT We are 100% Community obsessed!
We Strive to build a best in-class community with active
members wo are part of the goldenkey evolution.
Join our movement and let's be successful worldwide!

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half circle iconOur Project's Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Market Research
  • Token Creation
  • Website Development
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Contract Reliability was tested

Phase 2

  • Fairlaunch
  • PancakeSwap (V2) listing
  • Start of our continuous marketing campaign
  • CoinGecko listing
  • Airdropevents

Phase 3

  • International Charity Events
  • Reaching 5k members on Telegram
  • Reaching 5k members on Twitter
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Donate a total of 10k Sapling
  • AirdropEvents

Phase 4

  • Donate a total of 10k Sapling
  • Reaching 20k members on Telegram
  • Reaching 10k members on Twitter
  • CEX and other DEX listings

half circle iconHOW IT WORKS

LEPATONIA is a HYPER-Deflationary Community DeFi Coin focused on creating opportunitiesthrough innovativeDecentralized financial tools.It aims to reach large masses in the crypto exchange, whose users are increasing day by day, to create a large community and to enter important markets such as Metaverse and NFT, which are the first steps of the digitalized world with this community, to keep up with technology and the modern world.
JavaScript is also used in environments that aren’t web-based, such as PDF documents, site-specific browsers, and desktop widgets. Newer and faster JavaScript virtual machines (VMs) and platforms built upon them have also increased the popularity of JavaScript for server-side web applications. On the client side, JavaScript has been traditionally implemented as an interpreted language, but more recent browsers perform just-in-time compilation.
A 12% tax is applied to each transaction of Lepatonia tokens.
2% of each transaction will be automatically distributed among holders, 2% will be added to the liquidity pool, 4% will be converted to BNB and transferred to the KeyBOX pool, and 4% will be converted to BNB and used for Marketing and manual buyback.
In addition, an extra 3% tax will be applied in sales transactions, 2% of which will be transferred to the liquidity pool, and the remaining 1% will be transferred to the KeyBOX pool.
During the first Launch, 50% of the tokens will be burned so that the majority of the tokens distributed in each transaction will go to this burn address and will be destroyed forever.

half circle iconTOKENOMICS

Total Token Supply
Burn Amount 400.000.000.000 40,0%
Airdrop And Development 7,5%
Sales And Liquidity 525.000.000.000 52,5%